Rafe plays Broadway themed Acoustic Piano based Pop Punk music that’s smart catchy and funny. He has appeared on disBAND, Aux TV’s Master Tracks, and Chris and John to the Rescue. It’s Pop with a level of honesty that is rarely seen in the genre.

Rafe’s explosive and infectious first single, “Little Bit of Wisdom” produced by Jason Pierce (Neverending White Lights) and Kat Lucas (keyboard player for Pink), was an out-of-the-box Youtube hit. Like a series of Polaroid snapshots taken throughout a surreal night and projected into your memory, ‘Little bit of Wisdom’ serves as a dynamic introduction to Rafe’s 9 song EP. Rocking out with quirky lyrics, uplifting piano arrangements and tasty melodic diversions, each track takes on a mind of its own as Rafe surveys the soundscape.

The band’s first foray into the Canadian consciousness was appearing on the Much Music show disBAND which led to a greatly increased internet presence. Rafe has recently appeared on Aux TV’s Master Tracks. Rafe has recently had a full page colour article about his musical endeavours in the Canadian Jewish News. Rafe was also one a winner in the recent Nissan Hypercube contest. Based on creativity, musical abilities and online social networking presence, Rafe was awarded a new car.

Rafe’s song “I’ve Got Time” was featured on the national television show “Chris and John to the rescue”. Rafe was awarded a factor demo grant which they are recording with famed producer Moe Berg, who was the singer and primary songwriter of the band “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Rafe, the lead singer of Trick of Disaster, has a Youtube channel called “Friends of Rafe” which he uses to promote local artists. The videos he uploaded have been viewed over 24 million times.

This following section was written by one of our American Fans, Hannah Fizell.
“I’m Hannah Fizell from Saint Petersburg Florida. My best friend is Terez Simoneau of the Trick of Disaster Florida street team. She told me about them, and I’m so happy. This band is amazing, their music is amazing. And they are the best band I’ve ever heard of….SHE PLAYS WITH BUBBLE’S IN THE RAIN….ok I’ll stop there. Check them out you won’t regret, and book them, and get them out there, tell your friends about them. Don’t have a street team for your state? MAKE ONE! They are worth it, and much more.”